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me not to be scared in war, because I was going to
live to be an old man. And she said that I was
going to do many things that would surprise my
people. She said: "I am going to give you seven
rifles53 '—meaning that he was going to kill seven
of the enemy on the war-path. £I had taken five
of these rifles when we signed peace with the
Canadian Government, and I could not fight any

'When the sun was going down she gave me my
sun song, and then I woke up. And I was just
like a crazy man.

6After they took me back to the camp that night
I was in great pain, I went off into a dream.
Boy Thunder came to me in that dream and said:
"I am the fellow that strikes. I am going to make
a great medicine-man of you. You will do things
that will astound your people* I shall come to
you many times when you are asleep, and each
time I come to you I shall teach you something


'As the years passed Boy Thunder kept coming
to me when I was asleeps and every time he came
he would tell me how to do something that I
never knew about before. He taught me all
about Indian medicine, and soon I became a great

"After I had grown up and become a man, a
white medicine-man came among us to tell us